What can Green Collar Consultants do for you?


  • Explain the purpose, advantages & disadvantages of LEED certification to you or your client and help you determine which level of LEED certification is achievable for your project.
  • Lead design charrettes and participate in meetings throughout design & construction, coordinating the LEED aspects of the project.
  • Define responsiblities to the contractors with regards to LEED, IAQ and Waste Management.
  • Register the project at the USGBC web site and designate clearly defined credit responsibilities to all members of the design and construction team.
  • Find resources, materials and services that help achieve LEED credits.
  • Serve as a liaison between the design team, owner & contractors with regard to LEED certification.
  • Review the LEED submission for completeness and define missing or ambiguous information.
  • Submit “Credit Interpretation Requests” to the USGBC if required.
  • Review the project for potential “Innovation & Design,” "Regional Priority" and "Pilot" Credits.

Additional Services:

  • Assist in selection of a site or space for renovation based on its LEED potential.
  • Fill in LEED forms for the architect, engineer, contractor or commissioning agent.
  • Provide LEED related specification sections.
  • Write IAQ or Waste Management Plans and monitor during construction.
  • Perform a “Thermal Comfort Verification” follow up survey.

Beyond LEED:

While LEED is the predominant industry standard for the design and construction of energy efficient & environmentally friendly buildings, there are other programs that promote and facilitate green building concepts. Green Collar Consultants can also help you submit the on-line “Portfolio” required to achieve an Energy Star Rating. Or, perhaps you want to review your facility for potential energy savings and environmental improvements without seeking certification.

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